Four ways to save time and money

  • Productivity
  • Precision
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency

Productivity. Precision. Flexibility. Efficiency.

Discover a more effective way to get your
communications out the door.

Sharpen your precision with a Pitney Bowes folder and inserter.

Enjoy greater time and money savings with Pitney Bowes. Our innovative range of office automation solutions are designed to cater for organisations large and small, positively boosting your productivity levels and business results.

See how Pitney Bowes folding inserting solutions can save you time and money.

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Four ways to save time and money with Pitney Bowes.

Give your organisation a competitive edge, and let your machine do the work.


Compared to folding and inserting by hand, Pitney Bowes office automation solutions are up to 17 times faster, freeing up your people to focus on higher value tasks.


Powerful reporting tools ensure accuracy with the right mail going to the right person – eliminating communication errors.


Make light and fast work of mail handling across all paper volumes, shapes and sizes.


By folding your communications more effectively you can lower your postage costs by up to 50% per item.

How much can you save?

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Not only are we saving money but also time. What used to take hours, now takes minutes and we also have more confidence in the accuracy and accountability of our folding and inserting process.

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